Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

BN – Ornamental – Crab Apple – Floribunda

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

Acer – Japanese Maple

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

Malus – Plena

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

BN – Weeping Cherry – Alba

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

BN – Apple – Golden Delicious

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

BN – Quince – Smyrna

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

BN – Nectarine – Cardinal

Flowering & Deciduous Fruit Tree Plant Labels

Prunus ‘Snofazam’

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Waterproof Outdoor Labels and Tags for Plants

You need your tags and plant labels to survive even the most unpredictable weather. Our specialist products are designed to withstand rain, sleet, and snow for horticultural excellence in any season. Enjoy vibrant colours and reliable print all-year round, with durable tags and labels that are 100% non-toxic, UV resistant, and specially suited for your Australian garden. Our waterproof outdoor labels and tags for plants are available in a range of attractive designs to help you enhance the appeal of your brand and share the right information with colleagues and customers.

Wholesale Plant Labels

The ultimate accessory for your horticultural business. Our weatherproof, reliable and beautifully-printed wholesale plant labels are available in bulk orders. Want to make sure that you’ve always got the labels you need at hand? Stock up with a supplier you can trust. At Greenlife, our wholesale plant labels are tested in the harshest conditions and proven to withstand exposure to excessive sunlight, rain, and more. From custom labels to designs with a universal appeal, find the supplies you need for a price that won’t break your budget.

Plastic Plant Labels and Tags

Stunning plastic plant labels and tags you can rely on. Many competitor plastic labels are brittle and easy to snap. However, at Greenlife, we’ve tested every product in our portfolio to ensure that it can endure even the most unpredictable Australian weather. Our advanced plastic label and tag production systems provide long-wearing resistance to sunlight and rain, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. With our broad range of plastic plant labels and tags, you’ll have the durable, reliable and highly customisable labels you need to help your business grow.

Wooden Plant Labels

A range of durable horticultural accessories with their own natural appeal. Our wooden plant labels and stakes are perfect for labelling larger plants, shrubs and trees throughout your garden. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but these sturdy labels are perfect for location with high winds, regular rain, and other weather issues. What’s more, the wooden plant labels available from Greenlife are entirely environmentally friendly, so you know that your botanical business is supporting Australian plant life. Available in a broad selection of sizes and designs, browse through our wooden plant labels today to find your perfect fit.

Metal Plant Labels

Designed for those who can’t afford to take risks with their long-term labelling solutions. Our highly durable, lightweight and attractive metal plant labels can be engraved or indented to help you identify the plants in your garden. Available in a range of sizes to suit everything from the smallest sapling, to complex shrubs, these metal plant labels are some of the most durable horticultural accessories on the market today. Ideal for bulbs and alpine plants, these labels are a practical solution for the modern botanical business owner.

What Are the Best Plant Labels?

Choosing the right plant label for your needs is an essential part of launching your horticultural business. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question: “What are the best plant labels?” The right solution for you will depend on the kind of growing you plan on doing, and the aesthetic you want to accomplish with your labels. If you’re looking for something that’s visually appealing, personalised wholesale labels may be the ideal option. Alternatively, if you need a sturdy tag to stand the test of time, wood or metal labels could be right for you. At Greenlife, we offer a wide range of plant labelling options, from durable aluminium tags to custom-printed plastic labels.

What Type of Plant Label Will Work Best in Your Garden?

Plant labels come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Plastic plant labels are particularly well-suited to gardening stores, as custom printing can make these labels really stand out and capture customer attention. Specialist printing methods even make 3D labels possible, so your products stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, wooden or metal tags are often an excellent option for horticultural gardens, where experts need durable accessories they can rely on when cultivating new plants and helping bulbs to grow. Here at Greenlife, we offer a range of plant labels to suit almost any garden environment. Contact our team today to find out which option is right for you.

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