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Plant Labels

Each label you choose supports your brand image and instils trust in your target market. From Custom plant tags for seasonal promotions to bulk orders, here at Greenlife by immij we have you covered.

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Plant Tags

Plant tags are just one of the many bespoke solutions be offer for the wholesale horticultural nursery market. Here at immij® Greenlife, we’re devoted to helping both plants, and companies grow.

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Seed Packets

With our custom-designed seed packets, you can inspire even the green-fingered to create the perfect outdoor space from scratch.. We offer a broad range of seed packets in a range of unique designs, perfect for making your business stand out in the botanical market.

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Nursery Supplies

Our specialty is all things print, working together with organisations Australia wide to create unforgettable print pieces. We offer a broad range of unique designs perfect for making your business stand out

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Plant Packaging

If you want to get ahead of your nursery competitors, you need packaging that inspires your customers. Our custom pot plant wraps are unique, allowing your plants to gain the full attention they deserve.

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Our experts are devoted to giving your organisation the support to achieve bigger profits and happier customers, fast. Our unique packaging design solutions could be the key to giving your business the attention it deserves.

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Pot Wraps

At immij Greenlife our goal is to nourish and support your growth by offering you solutions that catch the eye. We specialise in unique pot wraps with your nursery’s branding, colours and plant type.

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Tray Handles

Plant tray handles are perfect for when standing out is the desired objective. We specialise in unique plant tray handles with your nursery’s branding and colours, as well as seasonal and promotional options

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