5 Common Misconceptions about Plant Tags

5 Common Misconceptions about Plant Tags

Many wholesale nurseries find themselves trying to locate the best plant tags at the lowest prices, something that is sometimes much easier said than done. Among those who purchase plant tags for commercial use, there appear to be some common misconceptions about these important marketing tools.

To clear the air a little, we’re dedicating this post to address the five most common plant tag misconceptions that many wholesale nurseries have. By helping printed material buyers make better decisions, we hope to be able to cut costs, reduce shipping times, and improve your products performance on the retail shelf.

Misconception #1: Plant tags are expensive.

This is probably the most popular misconception about plant tags. Even though some high-color, high-gloss plant tags come with a premium price, that price can often be reduced significantly with bulk orders. The fix here is to plan your plant tag purchases strategically, something we can help with.

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Misconception #2: Plant tag designs are limited to whatever the vendor has in stock.

This is just flat out false. The reality is that the design capabilities for your plant tags are virtually endless. You are free to incorporate whatever design elements you think work best for your brand, and we’ll even give you input along the way.

Misconception #3: It’s not cost-effective to order plant tags for seasonal plants.

Many commercial nurseries operate on the principle that they need to order plant tags only for plants that are soon to be in season. The reality is that a lot of money can be saved through planning your plant tag purchases for more than just a season or two. In fact, stocking up on plant tags for plants you know you’ll be offering for the next few seasons can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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Misconception #4: Designing a plant tag is difficult.

When you have access to resources like the FloraMedia library from Greenlife, you don’t have to worry about finding great stock imagery to use with your plant tag designs. We offer this service free of charge, and we can even help you select the right media to use for your unique purpose. When our design expertise meets your business goals, great things happen!

Misconception #5: Plant tags degrade quickly.

Even though plant tag quality can vary according to different stock options you choose, many affordable plant tags are UV-protected and stand up great in outdoor environments. What’s more, the plant tags available from Greenlife by Immij are also non-toxic, making them a great choice for environments where children or pets might be present. With the right plant tag choice and treatment options, your printed marketing material investment can provide returns for weeks or even months of outdoor exposure.

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Once you begin to realize how easy, affordable, and effective plant tags from Greenlife are, you won’t ever look to another provider again. Contact us directly on 1300 848 672 to learn how to choose the right plant tag solution for your wholesale nursery. We look forward to hearing from you!