The Ultimate Guide to Plant Labels Plastic

Plastic labels offer an ideal balance between aesthetics and durability, with plastic labels offering an ideal surface to display some of the most high-resolution graphic imprinting. At Greenlife by Immij, we are proud to deliver the ideal plastic for use in the construction of plant tags – polypropylene. Polypropylene offers the best durability and cost-effectiveness, and the graphics that are printed on it last an incredibly long time.Plastic plant labels come in many different designs and styles depending on what kind of image you want to create, or what the specific requirements of your business might have.

1. Plastic Tie On Labels

Tie on labels are a popular choice for higher value plants where a larger more visible label will effectively project a premium look to prospective purchasers. They are also popular for plants whose habits do not suit a push in label, such as an apple or lime tree. Tie on labels are attached to the plant foliage using a plastic coated metal twist tie. In some cases the label will be attached to the top of a bamboo stake, which has been inserted into the plant pot. This presentation method ensures a visually consistent product at the retail level.

2. Plastic Push In Locking Labels

Made from a recyclable plastic polypropylene material, push in locking labels are designed to lock into the plant pot locking system so they are held securely. Push in labels which lock into the plant pot are by far the most popular labelling choice in the Australian wholesale nursery Industry as the plastic labels are secure and  can be quickly applied.

3.  Plastic Push in Non Locking Labels

Push in non-locking labels are designed to be used for plants grown in pots without a locking mechanism and push directly into the plant pot. These plastic plant labels are also manufactured from recyclable polypropylene material, these labels are characterised by a larger label foot to increase stability and security. These labels are quick to apply, and can be designed to perfectly complement the plant variety being produced.

For whatever plastic plant label you are looking to print, Greenlife by Immij is here to help you through all aspect of the process to deliver a perfect solution. Give us a call today on 1300 848 672.