Plant Labels for Nursery Wholesalers

Plant Labels for Nursery Wholesalers

As a nursery wholesaler, you spend a great deal of time perfecting your plants, investing countless hours picking the best species of plants to produce the best flower or crop, a great deal of care is taken in the production side of your plant varieties. However, as a nursery wholesaler, your influence stops there. Besides your choice of plant label.

Picture this:

A customer comes through the doors of the retail nursery and begins scanning the area for the plant or gardening product on their shopping list. Next, the customer navigates their way to product they want, and then chooses from the available selections before moving on throughout the store.

During this scenario, there are multiple opportunities for nursery wholesalers to capture the attention of the customer and accurately display imagery and information that is relevant to the plant in front of them. This is equal parts advertising and customer assistance, as well-made plant labels help to both sell product and inform the consumer. Feeding instructions, lighting requirements, and background on the plant itself can be included to help provide a more helpful customer experience.

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FACT: When customers are able to find the information they need, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Making plant data convenient for shoppers means having colorful, highly-visible plant labels that deliver the critical information needed by the customer so they can make the most informed purchasing decision possible. High-quality plant labels go a long way in enhancing the retail transaction. A better informed consumer is going to feel better about making the decision to purchase plants from your nursery, and that feeling will result in more returns to your place of business.

FACT: Imagery of matured plants help to sell plants at earlier growth stages.

Giving a consumer an idea of what their plant will look like at maturity motivates them to make their purchase today. For example, a deciduous tree sapling is going to sell better if it is accompanied by a plant tag or label with a graphical representation of what that sapling will look like as it grows. Support your customers’ vision of successful gardens and tree beds by incorporating the use of bold, colorful plant labels.

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The truth is that high quality plant labels can make a drastic difference in the overall customer experience. An investment in plant labeling is an investment in short-term and long-term sales growth, because customers need information and authoritative care data in order to prompt them to buy.

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