Printed Marketing Material to Promote Your Wholesale Plant Nursery

Printed Marketing Material to Promote Your Wholesale Plant Nursery

One of the most commonly overlooked aspect of a wholesale plant nursery is the printed marketing material that is used to promote the plants and trees that the nursery produces. Choosing the right plant tags, labels, and seed packets truly is a nursery’s best chance at continuing their branding message beyond the wholesale plant nursery and into the home or garden of the consumer.

However, knowing where to look for high-quality printed marketing material isn’t always so straightforward. After all, plant tags, tree labels and seed packets have unique requirements. The best among them has not one but all of the critical features that most nurseries consider necessary for their products. These features include:

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  • Bold, crisp graphics. Having eye-catching colours and high-contrast imagery goes a long way to grab the attention of retail buyers. And, when your plant tags and labels jump out among the competition, they’ll sell better.
  • Rigid, resistant material construction. When it comes to plant labels and tags, not just any paper or paper coating will suffice. Effective plant tags are resistant to soil and water, resulting in longer lasting branding for your products.
  • Modern images that best represent your plants. It’s one thing to locate the right plant tag type, construction, and supplier, but it’s another thing entirely to have modern images that aren’t dated or poorly representative of your plants and trees.
  • Fairly priced. When most wholesale plant nurseries set about buying printed marketing material, they expect to be able to get high-quality tags and labels at the best price. To do this, buying in bulk is almost always preferable.

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Remember that plant seed packets in particular offer your nursery a unique opportunity to extend your branding messages. Often, plant seed packets are purchased and then stored until they’re needed, which gives your nursery more opportunity to brand your business even after the initial retail transaction has taken place.

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The Value of Having a Printed Materials Partner

One last consideration when shopping for printed promotional material for nurseries is the value involved in having a design and printing partner that can meet your individual needs. Greenlife by Immij specialises in serving only wholesale nurseries with specific needs, which results in a more custom-tailored buying experience for our customers.

Because we know what wholesale nurseries need in their plant tags, we are uniquely positioned to add value beyond just the tag or label itself. We are design and printing professionals who work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are completely satisfied. If you have an idea for the use of printed marketing materials to promote your wholesale nursery, you need a printing materials provider that knows what nurseries look for before you place your order.

Learn why Greenlife by Immij has become one of the most trusted names in printed marketing materials for wholesale nurseries. Contact us today on 1300 848 672 we’ll start working for you, whether through design for an entire brochure of plant labels, or a simple, one-time order of plant tags. We look forward to hearing from you!