Temporary or Long-Lasting? Choosing Commercial Plant Tags

Temporary or Long-Lasting? Choosing Commercial Plant Tags

Running a commercial garden comes with many different challenges. Not only do you need to figure out what kinds of plants you’re going to sell, but you also need to figure out a method of organisation that allows you to separate each bulb and seed, ensuring that your flowers and growths get the individual care that they need.

Although a small business might be able to manage without plant tags for a short time, as soon as your company starts to grow, you’ll find that it’s practically impossible to keep on top of your garden without the help of the right commercial labels. The question is, whether you should choose temporary solutions that you can change with the seasons, or pick long-lasting tags designed to stand the test of time?

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Working with Temporary Paper Plant Tags

Although a well-printed paper tag can last for longer than you might expect, there’s always a risk that the details on each tag will begin to fade with time. Exposure to water, the sun, and many other factors can gradually degrade the ink. This means that it’s best to use temporary tags for plants that you plan on selling as quickly as possible.

Think of your printed tag as part of your product packaging process. Just as a food retailer would wrap their product up with a stunning printed image, you can use your professionally-designed tags to show your customers exactly what they’re buying, and what they can expect to get from their seeds or bulbs after a few months of care.package e1537245514227 782x400 Temporary or Long Lasting? Choosing Commercial Plant TagsYour temporary tags can include an incredible image of the plant that you’re selling when it’s in full bloom, which can make it much easier for your customers to make a decision about what they want to buy.

Long Lasting Metal Tags

Metal tags, on the other hand, are durable solutions designed to help organise a greenhouse or commercial garden and assist a gardener in looking after their stock. While aluminium or copper commercial plant tags can still look good in a professional environment, they’re more frequently used for the benefit of the business owner, who might want to keep track of certain bulbs as they grow into more sustainable plants.

For instance, if you’re planning on selling partially-grown tree saplings to your community, a metal tag would allow you to evaluate each plant’s growth over time, and ensure that different species are getting the moisture, care, and sunlight they need to thrive.

Metal plant labels are naturally more sustainable than their paper counterparts, though they don’t always include as much information. Additionally, you can’t print an image onto your metal tag, which can make it harder to catch the eye of a customer. However, if you’re simply looking for another resource to add to your growing toolkit, these tags come with metal wires that can be wrapped around branches or tucked into the sides of pots, so you always have access to crucial information about whatever you might be growing.

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