Stunning Time Lapse Videos of Spring Flowers

Follow the growing process of a plant:

It’s amazing to follow the growth process of plants, but normally this process is hard to observe, given how slowly the growth occurs.

However, by creating a time-lapse video of a plants growth cycle, the growth can now be watched in a matter of seconds.

Four time-lapse videos:

Recently we made the following four time-lapse videos, which included the crocus with its silky leaves, the pink Hyacinth, the cheerful Muscari and the spring Narcissus.

(scroll to the bottom of this article for the other four videos).

Working with various cameras:

Although these time-lapse videos only last about 20 seconds, the growth process of the spring bulbs obviously takes quite a while longer and the process of producing these videos is very intensive.

We have continuously focused cameras on the plants to fully follow the growth process.

The lighting must remain constant and the process must be monitored daily.

In short, this was a huge job!

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The finished result:

We must have been lucky with the flowers …

  • Will they flower fully?
  • Will they create a beautiful specimen?

We’re extremely happy in achieving the finished product and we hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoyed making them.