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Why You Need Amazing Images for Your Plant Tags

Why You Need Amazing Images for Your Plant Tags

At Greenlife by Immij, designing and printing high-quality plant and tree tags and labels is our core business. Every day, we go to work giving wholesale nurseries more options when it comes to advertising the products they bring to market. The Floramedia image library is just one tool that is a part of a complete […]

Plant Label Options for Indoor Plants

If your wholesale nursery provides indoor plants to retail stores, you’ve probably thought about which plant labels work best for them. Gauging the effectiveness of plant labels for your indoor products isn’t as easy as picking a style and hoping it performs well. There are other considerations, and in this post, we’re explaining what your […]

Why Inferior Plant Labelling Is Hurting Your Business

Once the plants leave your wholesale nursery there is very little that can be done to ensure smooth sailing at the retail nursery and once the plants are taken to their final destination. One of the only means of providing imagery, information, and direction is through quality plant labelling. Aside from presentation, pricing, and promotions, […]