Why Inferior Plant Labelling Is Hurting Your Business

Once the plants leave your wholesale nursery there is very little that can be done to ensure smooth sailing at the retail nursery and once the plants are taken to their final destination. One of the only means of providing imagery, information, and direction is through quality plant labelling.

prunus snofazam 400x400 Why Inferior Plant Labelling Is Hurting Your Business

Aside from presentation, pricing, and promotions, how else can you truly control the messaging you’re sending to the customer? You know you only have a limited window to attract attention, create a desire for the product, and follow through with a prompt to buy. Probably the most overlooked aspect of nursery advertising and in-store customer communication lies in the plant tag itself: that seemingly innocuous bit of color and information that truly is your last chance to get the customer to make a purchase.goodman seeds b 587x400 Why Inferior Plant Labelling Is Hurting Your BusinessIf you’re not using high-quality, customized plant labels that command attention and intrigue customers, you’re losing sales. Here’s why:

1. In the eyes of the customer, a poorly made label might as well mean a poor product. You can’t deny basic human psychology: when customers are presented with wilted, wrinkled, or faded labeling, they’re going to associate whatever product is labeled with the condition of the label. Sloppy labels send a message; they tell the customer that the plant in question may not be of the highest quality.

2. Lesser labels don’t reach as far as premium labels. Want to grab the attention of that shopper across the aisle who is looking for a rose bush or fresh Camellias? A premium label using lenticular printing methods will jump out and catch the eye much better than inferior labels, resulting in more sales for a marginal increase in cost.

3. Subpar plant labels don’t include enough information, resulting in customer reliance on other resources within your nursery. If your customers can get more information about the plant they want to purchase from the label itself, they’ll be more likely to make their purchase decision without having to consult with one of your employees. This reduces overhead for you, and increases customer education related to that deciduous or flowering fruit tree they’re considering.

The truth about cutting corners on plant tags is that it’s a bad idea that hurts your nursery sales. To ensure that your plants are being presented to customers in the most informative, professional, and appealing way possible, an investment in high-quality plant tags is highly recommended.


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