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How to Makes Plant Labels More Attractive with Lenticular Printing?

How to Makes Plant Labels More Attractive with Lenticular Printing?

Plant labels are an important resource for any company in the horticultural industry. Not only do these printed promotional materials help you to organise your commercial garden or greenhouse more effectively, but they also give companies a chance to capture the attention and loyalty of your customers too. A great label immediately draws the eye […]

3 Tips for Timeless Plant Label Designs

No matter what you call them, plant tags, plant markers, or plant labels – these simple and effective accessories can help you sell more plants. A Plant Label adds the finishing touches to your beautifully grown plant and is the perfect vehicle for strengthen your brand or conveying a unique selling point. Thanks to new trends, and […]

Labels that Move You: Choosing Lenticular Labels for Versatile Plants

Choosing Lenticular Labels

Sometimes, the most challenging part of running a nursery is convincing your customers that you have the plant or flower that they want. Although it’s important to have plenty of stunning options available in your nursery, a collection of too many choices can overwhelm your clients, making it hard for them to see the value […]

Lenticular Plant Tags and Labels – Plants Show Different Faces

Lenticular Plant

If you’re after an innovative new concept for your plant tags and labels, then lenticular printing could be the answer. … Introducing Lenticular Plant Tags & Plant Labels. By utilising a special printing technique known as lenticular printing, several plant image sequences can be displayed on a plant tag or plant label to simulate a […]