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Everything You Need to Know about Greenlife by Immij Plant Labels

Everything You Need to Know about Greenlife by Immij Plant Labels

There is such a wide variety of plants that are sold to retailers that the plant tags and labels made for them come in literally thousands of different sizes, styles, and formats. Instead of sifting through countless product samples and evaluating dozens of different marketing materials providers, we’re telling you everything you need to know […]

Which Plant Labels Should You Use for Each Plant?

Which Plant Labels Should You Use for Each Plant?

Plant labels come in many different designs and styles depending on what kind of image you want to create, or what the specific requirements of your business might be. Usually, labels intended for marketing and sales purposes will have stunning pictures, bright colours, and other features to make them really stand out. The question is,which […]

The Benefits of Labeling Your Plants: Useful Info to Put on a Label

The Benefits of Labelling Your Plants: Useful Info to Put on a Label

Nurseries which are just getting started can overlook the importance of professional plant labeling. Plant labels aren’t just a way of making your plants stand out in the crowd, they are also a vehicle for communicating important information about a particular plant. If a plant has particular growth requirements these are often best communicated by informative […]

Care Information to Include on your Plant Labels

Since user experience is the key to standing out as a brand in today’s competitive business landscape, it’s a good idea to think carefully about the useful care information you can put on a label to help your customer embrace their new hobby with plenty of success. Here are just some of the pieces of […]

The Leading Horticultural Exhibition Is Getting Stronger – IPM 2018 Essen

ipm 2018 essen

Approx. 1,500 international companies were exhibiting at IPM 2018 and more than 54,000 professionals of the ‘green industry’ visited the partly new designed exhibition area. IPM underlined its position as being the leading fair for the horticultural industry worldwide. The organisers were able to pull an interesting mix of novelties, special theme displays and presentations […]

Examples of Useful Information You Can Include on Plant Labels and Tags

Examples of Useful Information You Can Include on Plant Labels and Tags

If you run a business in the horticultural industry, then you probably already know just how valuable the right plant labels and tags can be. Tags and labels are the perfect opportunities to show off the unique brand identity of your company and demonstrate your professional nature too. With a carefully designed and printed tag, […]

3 Tips for Timeless Plant Label Designs

No matter what you call them, plant tags, plant markers, or plant labels – these simple and effective accessories can help you sell more plants. A Plant Label adds the finishing touches to your beautifully grown plant and is the perfect vehicle for strengthen your brand or conveying a unique selling point. Thanks to new trends, and […]

Boosting Point of Sale Presence with Great Plant Labels

Boosting Point of Sale Presence with Stunning Plant Labels

The world of plants and flowers is a versatile one, and often a complex place to start a business. If you run a nursery, then you’ll know just how challenging it can be to stay on top of all the different demands of various seeds and bulbs within your organisation. Plant labels and tags can […]

Trademarks for Plant Tag Labels


What is a Plant Label Trademark? A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services. A good plant label tag trademark is unique and will help your business stand out from other nursery traders. A trademark does not need to be a new design or unique necessarily to be registered […]

The Perfect Plant Picture

The Perfect Plant Picture

Pictures are worth 1000 words, they are the communication tools of our time.  In our green industry, we must be tactful when using photos to use the right image to draw in the consumer in to purchase it. At the Flora Media library, Greenlife by immij customers can view more than 220’000 pictures. The trial- […]